Our Methodology
It’s our goal to help our clients achieve the best possible results. In order to do this, everyone at Parker Russell places an importance on the following:



Although strictly speaking they are our customers, we like to think of our relationship with clients as a partnership. We provide a consultative service that takes into account the overall position of a business. We also listen carefully to our client’s issues, challenges, and goals.


It’s important to Parker Russell that our clients get value from the services we provide. We understand that our fees must be fair and competitive, but we also believe in adding value where possible. That’s why we make sure we are continually training our staff and passing on advice and knowledge that will be of use to our customers.

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Being productive

As most people in business know, action speaks louder than words. That’s why we promise to deliver efficient service at Parker Russell and make sure that a senior member of the team is always on-hand to oversee the work being carried out.


Thanks to the wide range of skills within the Parker Russell family, we can offer help to all kinds of businesses, from small independent organizations to multinational companies.

Our culture

When Parker Russell was first formed, we wanted to create a business built on trust and service clients could count on. We also wanted to be known as a firm that provided excellent knowledge, skills, and advice to those we worked for. That philosophy and goal still apply today.

We have created a culture where people who value excellence can thrive and work within a team of hardworking, skillful individuals. We share our knowledge and experience, which means our clients receive exceptional value and high standards.

Our philosophy

We aim to provide a wide range of financial-related and auditing services from professionals who are skilled, knowledgeable, and act with integrity. Whether we are working with a small start-up or a large global corporation, we know how important it is to foster a culture of:


We take the time to get to know our clients and their business. This puts us in the best possible position to advise and help them be successful. Then we use our in-depth industry knowledge and expertise to assist them in tackling or preparing for the financial, internal, and external challenges they may face.


We know how fast the world is changing. We keep up-to-date with developments in technology and IT that will affect our business and our clients. This allows us to continually evolve and ensure the highest standards in personal service and communication

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Our Locations

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