Quantum Business Development

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Reg Nr. – CH-, Bollwerk 21, Bern, Switzerland, CH-3011

Type of Association – Full

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8:00 – 5:30

General Enquiries

t. 07899 667 533
e. info@quantumbusinessdevelopment.com


Quantum Business Development is a consulting company owned and managed by its founder, Dudley Peacock.

Full Details

It was established in 2001 to use a range of proprietary products developed over 25 years of collected experience in finance, sales/marketing, business development and management consulting activities in many corporate areas. These tools and techniques have been used in large organisations which, includes Coca Cola, American Express and Honeywell. This expertise has been encapsulated in a series of Business Modules, which are the core of the Quantum Business Development.

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Quantum Business Development

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