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How does PRI Help its members?

Are you worried that you may lose those of your clients who are developing international accountancy needs?

PRI is an international association of independent accounting and consulting firms world-wide. They have no equity interest in each other and practise under their own name, although members are encouraged to add the prefix Parker Russell International.

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How to join

PRI has members in most countries but is seeking members in those countries not currently covered and additional members in certain larger countries where the association already has members. Permission of the existing member/s is sought prior to the admission of another member in any country.

If you would like to apply for membership of PRI, the procedure is:

Please click here to complete the initial PRI Membership Inquiry form.

Your firms details will be sent to the International Committee. If your details are not submitted via your area co-ordinator, he/she will be asked to confirm that there are no geographical conflicts with existing members

If there is an existing member in your country, the application will be considered by the International Committee to decide whether a second member should be allowed

If there are no potential conflicts, you will be sent an application form and further details of PRI, with an invoice for the quality control review (QCR) contribution

Upon return of your application form and QCR contribution, a partner from an existing PRI firm will contact you to arrange a QCR visit. This visit will last one or two days and will consist of a review of your general systems and a review of your audit systems. If you are already a member of a national peer review program, and have recently been successfully reviewed, this will probably satisfy the audit element of the QCR

Subject to completion of the QCR, you will be invited to join PRI and will be billed for the joining fee and the balance of the annual fee for the year

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